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Title: Bidders
Author: Emma
Pairing: Takaba and Asami
Fandom: Love Mode and Viewfinder
Rating: M, as usual
Summary: Because everyone was so nice and liked the The Bidders Beginning

The ride home was quiet with Takaba looking under his lashes at the client, a Asami-san. he was handsome, dark hair and eyes with a strong profile and high cheekbones. Takaba had seen some of the other men in the crowd and counted himself lucky for the beauty Asami possessed. Not that Takaba thought he was ugly either. To work at the B&B one must exude beauty, grace, and power. Well most everyone except him. He was a bottom and everyone knew it. The silence was getting to him and he wished for Kou's cheerfulness to replace the echo of traffic. Instead he looked forward and sat still, watching Tokyo sail by. They left Tokyo proper and went into a suburb of the city, were their was quiet streets and families of wealthy men and women.

Pulling up to a gate, Asami glanced over at his slave, smirk in place as he ran a hand up the boy's leg.

"Welcome to my home." he purred, and it sent a shiver up Takaba's spine, making him shiver just a little bit.

"Thank you sir."

The hand traveled further up, to his inner thigh, and Asami lovely stroked Takaba's cock. A gasp filled the car as the blonde arched up into the hand, stroking him through his shorts.



The car moved forward, and Takaba used the movement to slide closer to his client, brushing shoulders together as he opened his legs wider. The hand slipped under the cloth and Takaba was moaning loudly, uncaring who heard his pleasure. Slowly Asami traced around the head, then he fisted the boy, hard and stroked up then down. The sensation of feather light caresses with hard strokes drove Takaba crazy, and he throw his head back, his own hands reaching for purchase.


The hands fell down and he grabbed the leather seat, thrusting against the hand and bitting his lip.


The it stopped and the car stopped. Asami uncrossed his legs and grabbed the leash laying on the seat. the door opened and he was getting out, followed by a very confused Takaba.

"Come on."

Up stairs they went, climbing about a million in Takaba's opinion before they made it to the front door. Before they even got to the door handle, it was opened by a huge blonde man who bowed and stepped aside. The house itself was filthy rich, large, and could fit all of Takaba's family in the living room, comfortably.

"Wow. It's lovely." The blonde whispered and got the fast familiar smirk from Asami before the went up another flight of stairs to a door at the end of the hallway. Takaba counted four doors not including the one they were going in and was impressed.

Inside, was a massive bed, grey and red duvet on it, and large pine furniture filled the room and he stood in awe.

"This is were you'll be most of the time, naked and ready for anything I want. Understand?"

He nodded and the bit his lip, "Sir, yes I understand."

"Call me Asami. And you are Takaba?"

"Aki. actually."

"Well, Aki, sleep well."

With that Asami left, a hard and willing Takaba behind, and firmly closed the door. Confused, yet again nd a little hurt, was how he spent the first night in Asami-san's home.
Day One

Takaba woke up just before noon, snuggled against a warm and solid pillow. Stretching he burrowed closer and almost missed the chuckle coming from said pillow. Epping, he pulled back and turned, to meet the golden gaze of his client, warm, naked and ...was that his... blushing he averted his eyes and thought how that would fit in him. Steadily turning redder and redder, he gazed at the ceiling and tried to relax.

A breath tickled his neck and then lips were on his neck, nibbling and licking his ear, moving down the column of his throat to his chest, alternating between biting and nibbling, and it felt so good Takaba cried out, offering more of his body to the talented mouth. Slowly Asami brought his lips to Takaba's nipples, worshiping them with talent and consideration.

By now Takaba was straining against the bed, moaning Asami's name and pulling the man closer because he needed more, more friction, more biting, more pressure, and a hand wrapped around his cock.

"Sir..." he moaned, straining and panting against the sensations.

"Tell me what you want, Aki."

"Hands, mouth, my cock..." he panted, offering more of his body as Asami moved to his hips. He kissed them, before sliding further down and capturing Takaba's cock between swollen lips; and Fuck its good, the licking, sucking, and nibbling. Fingers, hot and hard, push through, stretching, filling him and Takaba's cried with pleasure, rocking his body on the fingers as the fingers pull and push him looser.

The Asami was above him, smirking, and there is a gleam in his eye as he takes Takaba, one that Takaba is sure means possession, and it's satisfying to be wanted, to bring his client so much pleasure. Fast, hard, and brutally, Asami takes him, and the sensations drive him crazy; he could feel his orgasm coming when Asami gripped his cock in a sure fist and strokes, from root to tip, circling the head, smearing the precum before going back down. It's too much and with a shout, Takaba is tumbling over the edge, white jets coating Asami's stomach as he comes and comes. Asami felt the tightening around him and with one final thrust finishes, collapsing on a Takaba who has fainted.

When Takaba came to he was alone once more, sore and satisfied. A note lie on the pillow, written in neat precise lettering telling him about a game system in the amour as well as a flat screen tv. He was welcome to order food service from the phone and to bath, but not to leave the room. Grabbing the phone, he calls Kou, excited about everything and wanting to share.


"Kou,? Is that you?"

"Aki..." Panting was heard and a groan echoed across the phone, "What do you need?"

"Are you busy?"

"You could say that.." A pause then a cry as if Kou has fallen.

"Call me when you can. Isn't this great?"

"Yep." Another cry then the phone line went dead and Takaba was alone once more.

After a long bath were he masturbates and a few more phone calls to his bank, the B&B, and his mother Takaba sat down for some serious gaming, naked. He games all day long, forgetting to eat until 6 pm comes and a knock is heard at the door.

"Would you like some food kid?" Came a rough voice, and Takaba relentlessly set down the controller to answer the door. Just outside was the blonde bodyguard with a tray of food and some wine. On the floor was some chocolates with a note attached. Picking up the chocolates he noticed them to be from the B&B and squeals with delight, before grabbing the tray of food and flinging the door close without a thank you. He forgot he was nude, which was for the best because the blonde guard won't.

Opening the bottle of wine, he sat down on the bed and popped the chocolates open, cramming several in his mouth. They melt down his chin and licked his fingers eyes closed in delight. The note, has one sentence on it and it sends Takaba into a panic when he reads it.

About then the door opened and Asami came in, took one look at the chocolates open and half the box empty and undresses in a hurry.

"You ate half?" He asked shocked.

"I love chocolate."

"These are special chocolates meant to turn your lover on... One is enough for a night."

"Oh Fuck!"

"Don't expect to walk tomorrow."

Takaba flushed, feeling warm and a little drunk.

Pushing the blonde strands back, Asami pulled Takaba close and kissed him, tongue filling Takaba and making him moan. In a instance he has his arms full of Takaba rubbing against him like a cat, his cock straining against Asami's thigh. His hands glide down and at the touch Takaba is moaning, pushing and coming all at once. He remained erect and cried at the fact he was still hard achy, and painfully sensitive.

Taking pity on Takaba Asami did everything he could think of to release the boy until they lie in a sweating come covered mess on the bed and Takaba was still for once, his cock withered down to a point of semi-hard.

"Thanks." he hoarsely said, snuggling close by and sighing each time Asami stroked his back.

"Tomorrow you will be attending a meeting with me. There will be clothes here in the morning. Be ready at 7 pm. "

There was a pause then Takaba was being petted like a cat, and he wanted to purr from the sensation. "Go to sleep. I'll clean us up."

So Takaba went to sleep and dreamed of clouds and golden eyes.


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