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Title: Beg (side fic)
Author: Emma
Rating: M
Warning: This is what could have been between Asami, Sea, and Takaba if Sea hadn't died and Takaba could stand being ith a woman.

Slick folds slide against him as he thrusts slowly in and out, breasts bouncing in his face, while he is being filled from behind. Sea is moaning his name and it feels good, like he is the man, while he pants against Asami who is nothing like Takaba is in sex. While the blonde is gentle and slow,Asami is fast, hard, and brutal and the sensations drive him crazy. Sea is crying with Takaba and he can feel the quiver of her orgasm coming, just like he can feel his own; Asami is grunting, sweat sliding down Takaba's back as he twicks Takaba's nipples. It pushed him over the edge and he is coming, exploding and Sea is crying and Asami is filling him and its too much and....

Coming to in the arms of both lovers feels like home, and he laughs with joy, wrapping an arm around Sea as Asami gathers them both against his body. Asami is smirking and Sea is sighing and Takaba is happy.


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