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Title: Taking over me
Author:  Emma
Rating: M
Summary: WIP

He doesn’t remember when the feel on Asami’s hands on his hips feels so right or when he started looking forward to the sex. He just knows each thrust makes his head spin and every groan he can pull from Asami is an accomplishment. He believes one day he’ll wake up and be over all of this, but three years later and he’s still screaming Asami’s name; and it’s Asami who is the first to know of his victories and failures. He’s in love, head over heels, and he doesn’t know what to do about it.


 Asami gave up ownership of Takaba long ago. This man has become something of an ally, growing into a creature worthy of sharing a drink with, and a life with if he can ever see past his nose. It amuses Asami how Takaba lingers in bed now, how he runs to Asami with problems and how the blonde calls to check up with him.

ents here.

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oh.. too short.. Aki ally.. more please ?

Nice little glimpse into the future that I hope happens.

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