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Yuletide Writer: A letter for you.... *dances*

Dear Yuletide writer,

I'm new to this exchange so forgive me if something is to difficult or sappy.  I tried to ask for simple concepts so you have the creative freedom to go where you want to in the story. 

First let me thank you in advance for writing this for me and actually taking the time to read this letter.  Below is my requests for easy refrence and the summaries I provided. 

Likes: I'm really flexible so just about anything is fine with me from Au, to slash, to death fiction.  I want you to take charge of the story and write things that make you happy as well as me(which is having a story).

Dislikes: None that I can think of.  Just keep it fun and have fun too.

Again thank you for the story!!!!!

RequestFandom1: L J Smith - The Vampire Diaries
Elena Gilbert : Elena and Damon, a look at the romance that could have been. No mind control just have her meet Damon before Stefan.

RequestFandom2: Kelley Armstrong - Women of the Otherworld
Hope Adams : A look into the romance of Hope Adams and Karl Marsten

RequestFandom3: Wild Rock (manga)
Emba : Emba and Yuuen through out the years and how their romance grows.

RequestFandom4: Witch Hunter Robin
Amon : Amon and Robin, a romantic look at them on the run. 


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