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Whispering the sweet secrets

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Name: Shea Westen

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6’1, lean body (6 pack, and nice upper body), Auburn hair that
is a little to long, curling up at the collar of his jackets, Clear royal
blue eyes, long eyelashes, slight tan, strong hands

Personality: He is a professional. Dressed in suits at school, he has an
aura of power and confidence, with a wit to match. Rumored to be the
ultimate playboy, he can just ooze sexuality/sensuality. Private and
mysterious, he can be sensitive when needed, or charming and flirtatious.

Hobbies: Opera, theater, soccer, sky driving

Strengths/Weaknesses: He can be a little over confidant and assume things.
Has a problem really trusting others past a relationship point; he can be
cruel or extremely warm.

Other: Working at the school in the science department, as a favor to one of
the board of directors. He lives right on the outskirts of the campus in a
two-story brink home.

Character: Kei
Gender: Male
Class: Angel
Age: 200 looks like he is in his early 20s
Birthday: October
Hair Color: Shoulder length Carmel colored pulled back with a black ribbon
Eye Color: Very deep Green, like a forest
Attire: Grey pants, Black tee and Black Coat which hits his knees, Black shoes

Biography: 5’8 to 5’9 in height has a pale completion, no real preference in sex, pretty quiet and reserved at first. Pays attention to people and body language, has a horribly romantic core that can get him in trouble. Not to sure why he is in the city at all. Was instructed to find a trusted person and wait for more instruction. He really has no motive besides what he is asked to do, yet anyways. It is his second time on Earth and he is still adjusting to human life. He has a natural curiously of the fallen angels out there and the ways of hell, seeing that he has never been there before. Think curious kid with a logical mind.
Wings: A mixture of greens and with some blues, green winning out, soft feathers and large, encompassing his body, with a slight peak at the tips.

Weapons/Abilities: Gun: strapped firmly to his hip, desert eagle. Also has the ability to pull a knife out of his arm that is poison tipped. Has the ability to speak any language: human or other wise


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