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Kagome and Sesshoumaru Drabble from dokuga_contest
Title: Look Right through Me
Author: koijewel
Theme: Fan
Genre: Ansty, self refection
Rating: PG

Warnings: AU
Word Count: 100 words
Summary: Perfection is over rated.

Cigarettes make her cringe. Just a reminder of him and how he left. She pulled out the pink fan, a gift from him, throwing it against the wall, before moving in a ball over her drink.

The tears come easily, mixing with the cola and her misery. She had loved him like no other and he had walked away, chasing some idea of perfection that she didn't fit.

Cigarette smoke blow in her face, and looking up she met glowing eyes, the familiar smirk in place.

"Missed you. Maybe flawed perfection is better than anything else."

She wishes for death.


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