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Title: Underwater
Author: Emma (koijewel)
Theme: Feminine
Rating: R
Warning: Kissing
Word Count: 534
Summary: Not my best work but I'm a yaoi girl at heart. Kagome has something to say.

something fearless in your eyes
something careless about your smile
something fragile when you hold your breath
and when you move
you move right through me

It started like any other romance, they noticed each other in the start of early July. The way her laugh made his spine tingle, the beauty of his moon-kissed hair, her grace, his ability for saying so few words. It was a slow process, like waking up after a long day, and so when Kagome realized she was in love it was to late to do anything about it but suffer in silence.

Sesshoumaru disliked the tightness in his chest when he thought of Kagome, he especially hated the butterflies when his thoughts turned to darker things she could do with those jewel-toned lips. He hated the way her smiles lit his days and hated how she smelled, of fresh lilacs and roses. She was innocence wrapped up in a pretty package something he didn't need.

Inuyasha, being oblivious to such tension, kept up his pursuit of Kagome, confused why the freshman turned him down at every available date, and how his brother growled when he mentioned Kagome. It was strange and off putting, and with no advice he turned his attentions to other girls.

By November Kagome was so feed up with being a love sick fool she decided to admit everything to Sesshoumaru just to get the rejection over with and move on. Inuyasha was single again and seemed like a nice guy, unlike his brother who was cold and silent as usual.

It was cold that morning, as she approached him, having just snowed, and everyone sane was running to a warm building. Sesshoumaru just stood outside, watching his obsession march up to him, feminine and grace swaying her hips.

"We need to talk."

"Um. On what miko?"

"Can we go somewhere warmer," A shiver accompanied the question,"perhaps the science building?"

He just took off his coat, a fur lined black trench, and wrapped her inside the warmth of it, pausing to watch her eyelashes flutter.

"Thank you."

He just nodded, a small smile on his face, creasing the markings of his high noble birth.

"I need to tell you something..." She paused, courage failing her now that he was so close. " I noticed you in July at the picnic the college held and since then..." Since then what? She carried a flame the size of New York for him?

"Since then." he replied calmly, silly smirk plastered on his face.

"I've loved you. Not at first but when I heard of you, got to know you through your actions..." Rambling, looking for solid ground Kagome stopped talking mid sentence, face bright red, as she stared at the sidewalk.

"Hm. So have I, miko."

His eyes were bright at her confession, the possessiveness of his nature warming up at the idea of anyone touching her, much less hearing those words from her lips. She was his; his little obsession.

"You too?"

"Love you."

Then Kagome, unsure how to react, was wrapped in an embrace of orange spice and musk, as his lips found hers. Answering the demand of his tongue she let him, deepening the kiss until all she knew was Sesshoumaru. Minutes later when air became an issue, they pulled back, and dazed Kagome laughed.

Dreams did come true.


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